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Our Approach

Our Approach

By rewriting and becoming actors in our own comedy we learn how to rewrite our futures, take control of our behavior, collaborate with other “casts members” and  write the our scenes as we move forward toward accomplishing our ultimate goal.

Why a Comedy?

We work with Startups, Nonprofit Executives, Ministers, Missionaries, Lay Church Leaders to Aid Organizations, Churches, and other clients who work in serious contexts and face challenges where the complexity of human struggles makes reframing difficult.

Our Story


The Comedy is an important framing tool because of these important aspects:

  • The main character in a comedy doesn't take herself too seriously.  If she does, it is hilarious watching her learn not to. We’ll teach you how to laugh at yourself.
  • Laughing,: We also learn important lessons about ourselves and our situation. Some clients admit that if they didn’t laugh, they’d cry.
  • Script writing involves strategic planning and implementation. We’ll guide you in doing both.
  • Comedies involve improvisation. This is an important leadership skill we instill in all our consulting.
  • Comedies have happy endings. If they didn’t they’d be tragedies.  We write happy endings.
  • What makes these endings happy is that good things started happening in the lives of the characters we care about. These good things start small and build throughout the film.  For our clients, this means meeting their ultimate goal.


Our Values

We are a driven team of compassionate leaders who never tire of finding better solutions.

We value:



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Ryan Clark

Founder & CEO

Ryan has more than 20 years experience in working in the non-profit sector.  He holds a doctoral degree from Columbia Theological and a master's degree from Mercer University.  He holds positions on the board of Oakhurst Recovery Program, College of Pastoral Psychotherapy and Supervision, Philippines, and is president of his neighborhood association.  From adjunct faculty member to habitat volunteer, Ryan's leadership spans organizations locally and internationally.


Next Steps...

Let's begin with a simple question.  If money were no object and you knew you couldn't fail, what would happen next?